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Spinebiz About Us

About Us


Spinebiz is an IT Enabled service provider, developing efficient knowledge processes that enable our client organizations execute their strategic growth plans by creating competitive advantages for them. Spinebiz caters to the unique needs of a diverse set of clients in industries such as Visa Services, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, FMCG, Health Services and Trading & Contracting.

Spinebiz is headquartered in Singapore with delivery centres in Chennai and Trivandrum in India. Since being founded in 2013 Spinebiz has grown significantly over the years and has served clients across 152 locations in 72 countries over the world.


Our leadership team provides us the vision and strategic direction that empowers our people to achieve their best. They are innovators and best practice experts who set the pace for our team. They are highly motivated and act as powerful motivators as well, to drive our passion for excellence and to uphold our values and goals.

Our dedicated team includes experts, full time professionals with deep service knowledge and experience. They are compassionate and offer their expert services with personalized attention. The knowledge, expertise and compassion of our people allow us to provide only the highest quality and to ensure successful outcomes for the clients who have placed their trust in us.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader and preferred Global KPO firm who customers can trust to transform and add value to their business.

Our Mission

To leverage our technical capabilities that integrate modern RPA and legacy IT, alongside deep domain expertise, to save costs and achieve business efficiency through KPO.

Our Objectives

Spinebiz is strongly focused on helping client organizations achieve their business goals in the marketplace and create the excellence they strive for.

Quality Policy

We will provide outcome-based, high-quality services and value-added support that consistently meet our customer’s requirements.

Our Offering

Spinebiz’s XPO is an integrated offering encompassing Digital Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, HR, Legal and Business Support Services under one roof, thereby enabling the client to get ringside attention always, due to a formidable KPO backing.


Spinebiz is strongly focussed on the outcome of services to client organizations that will result in helping them achieve their business goals in the marketplace and create the excellence that they strive for.

Delivery Centers

Spinebiz has a state-of-the-art development centre at Chennai spread over in a secure premises that offers round the clock perimeter security, restricted access to authorized personnel and 24/7 video surveillance of the facility that records all entry/exit points and work areas. Spinebiz has its second development centre at Trivandrum in Kerala that also doubles up as a disaster recovery site, as a part of its business continuity plan.

Our Delivery centres have robust infrastructure that feature full power back up from independent sources – Dual UPS power backup and Diesel Gensets that form additional layers of redundancy to mitigate power outages or services disruptions. There are also primary and secondary, dedicated, high- speed lease lines from different ISPs and a supplementary broad band connection to be adequately prepared for any network service failure. Our workstations are equipped with superior quality computing and telecommunication devices.

As data security and data privacy are issues of paramount importance to us, all electronic recording media or devices like USB flash drives, CD/DVDs are restricted inside the work area. We observe a ‘clean desktop’ policy that ensures desktops are clutter-free and sensitive information is not compromised absent-mindedly. Though we have multiple teams serving different clients, resource pools are segregated and secured within the Spinebiz network on the basis of clients they serve, with the help of VLANs and access control doors; giving customers the confidence that their enterprise data is well-protected. Our Delivery Center network perimeter is wholly secured by firewalls that prevent network intrusions and protect our applications and data from external threats.

Our Values

  • Ethically strive to create value for all stakeholders, while treating clients as partners, nurturing employees like family and serving all with integrity and respect.
  • Care for the community, and consciously make choices that lead to a better, more sustainable World.
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