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Spinebiz IT support service

An integrated shared services model that’s really working. We call it xPO methodology.

In a world that’s long transcended physical boundaries, Spinebiz believes that remote working capability defines the way forward for organizations looking at attracting the best talent. XPO not only helps in cutting down infrastructure, real estate and staffing costs considerably, but also gives organizations an edge in terms of quality of talent by bringing the right set of people for the job under the same digital roof.

Why choose Spinebiz?

In 2013, Spinebiz emerged from humble origins in of being a captive outsourcing set up of Industry leader in Travel/Visa services to support its global operations and flourished as a KPO. Having exceeded expectations in terms of growth, on April 2017, the company saw a paradigm shift towards a profit center from being a captive center, giving birth to the independent entity that Spinebiz is today. Continuing its journey, the company went from strength to strength, by serving as the backbone of remote services for Finance & accounting, HR, Biz Support, IT application development, Remote IT infrastructure management and Legal services to multiple organizations.

The strength of a company is determined by its ability to face challenges head on and emerge stronger from the encounter. In 2017 the organization shifted gears and opened branch offices under Spinebiz Singapore for corporate structuring and to facilitate international footprint. Within two years, this change bore fruit with Spinebiz becoming the go-to partner for Technological and business support needs. Supporting clients / client partners across 150+ locations, Spinebiz expanded its clientele globally with a personalized customer centric approach backed by re-engineered disruptive practices.

Spinebiz upped the ante for shared services organizations with its acquisition of a boutique IT services company based out of Thiruvananthapuram and the facility also doubles up as a BCP center for customers. In 2019, Spinebiz doubled its capacity by setting up a new state of the art delivery facility to manage growth and offer dedicated ODC set up to esteemed clients.

The current outsourcing scenario

The days of outsourcing being solely an India-centric concept are long gone. The industry is witnessing a tectonic shift with players emerging from not only our neighboring countries of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, but also from countries like Philippines for BPO, Egypt for Arabic support, Poland for French, German and other European languages support. While India still retains the top spot, the outsourcing focus has shifted from big cities to tier 2 cities like Coimbatore, Mysuru and Thiruvananthapuram that are now vying for positions as top contenders over the metros.

Future in the making

While cost arbitrage remains one of the key advantages of adopting remote working, the field has evolved to encompass a multitude of other benefits in tow.  There’s been a steady growth in the availability of specialized talent, industry best-practices, innovation and thought leadership. The matured process knowledge and high availability of technical talent in India, especially in the South, is helping MNCs to set up such large facilities, as opposed to hiring expats from India. Based on the solid foundation of acquiring best in class talent and cost optimization, the industry is already showing signs of a move towards remote working becoming the norm across the board in the near future.

Companies who adopted the advent of technology 20 years ago replaced every company that didn’t. Companies who adopt remote working will replace every company that doesn’t in the years to come.

Spinebiz XPO – A true outsourcing differentiator

Spinebiz XPO is a unique outsourcing methodology proprietary to Spinebiz that focusses on deep optimization through seamless integration of business functions. It addresses existing pain points from traditional outsourcing models and optimizes business process across services teams. It takes away client concerns that come from sharing confidential data across multiple outsourcing companies, and/or breaking the silos of internal departments. Spinebiz XPO either optimizes in-sourcing or sets up a full-fledged client owned Backoffice arm at a preferred location.

Some of the key advantages that XPO brings to the table are – Build-Operate-Optimize-Transfer (BOOT) flexibility, new technology adoption, industry best practices, coverage of all functions other than the core business, all languages support, BCP delivery center provision and the right resources mix. Since Spinebiz XPO engages multiple functionalities, with BOOT the ‘Optimize’ phase ends up optimizing several processes and that helps the customer beyond its immediate focus.

The numbers of Spinebiz XPO speaks for itself. Having successfully rolled out in 16 countries and Spinebiz XPO is on track to cover the rest. Spinebiz XPO was also selected by a European company with operations across 25+ countries across the globe to develop a business automation system which can handle around 1.5 Million transactions.

Spinebiz XPO can be leveraged to take complete ownership of the project and to meet the desired objectives. Eliminating the need to pass the ball between various services teams, Spinebiz XPO can be mapped according to business needs to deliver optimal performance across the horizontals of IT infra, Business Support, HR, Accounting services and much more.

Integrated outsourcing models are going to define the future for organizations across the globe. Backed by Spinebiz XPO, organizations will be poised on the frontlines of success in any industry.

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