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The Four Core Characteristics of Outsourcing Shared Services

Outsourcing emerged from the organizational need to hire or train specialized talent in areas that did not correlate to the primary value proposition of a company. It offered a key edge to organization in terms of cutting down costs and […]

An integrated shared services model that’s really working. We call it xPO methodology.

In a world that’s long transcended physical boundaries, Spinebiz believes that remote working capability defines the way forward for organizations looking at attracting the best talent. XPO not only helps in cutting down infrastructure, real estate and staffing costs considerably, […]

Covid19 is transforming the outsourcing shared services like never before

In the times of Covid-19, the entire game of how an office works has changed. With organizations having to close their offices the entire world’s been thrown into a turmoil. Panic with respect to the pandemic has been compounded by […]