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Bobby M Varghese


Chief Delivery Officer, Spinebiz


Bobby is the Chief Delivery Officer of Spinebiz and comes with over 30 years of rich experience in the IT industry. The spectrum of his experience includes IT Manufacturing, Customer Support, Professional Services, Technology consulting, IT Infrastructure and IT Operations and Services Management with roles in leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy.


As the global head of operations for IT Infrastructure and services for companies in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asian countries, Bobby M Varghese has been instrumental in creating and scaling teams that deliver agile IT services. This includes IT Service management, migrations, and several other systems management across enterprise systems. He has also created new service lines, financial models, and business models for CSS Corp, Marlabs and Microland.


As Spinebiz’ chief delivery officer, he has created sturdy IT Services management frameworks that make sure that our clients are never bogged down by system failures. He is also responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of strategic financial models across all departments of Spinebiz.


When he is not working on the next big thing for Spinebiz, he enjoys cooking for his family, doing social service, and taking a spade.