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Spinebiz Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

Spinebiz through its HR interventions help its clients to

  • Make complex HR processes easier
  • Specify global standards to eliminate errors and reduce costs
  • Free up resources to focus on core business
  • Employ best practises to improve service delivery model
  • Improve and enrich employees’ experience
  • Transform HR’s role from just transactional work to create strategic opportunities
Spinebiz Human Resource Services

What do we offer?

Organisation Structuring and Design
Spinebiz assist our clients in formulating a professional organisation structure and design which reflects what the organisation wants to achieve, its unique differentiators/ competitive advantages, and required capabilities.

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Various structural characteristic requirements such as extent of centralisation, span of control, integration, and specialisation will also be recognised against the priority areas as a part of this exercise. Our HR professionals are known for adopting a scientific approach and well-defined methodology to address the requirement.

In most of the cases, we also develop Job Descriptions (JDs) to add clarity to roles & responsibilities and define Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

End to End HR Solutions
Spinebiz’s HR BPO offers its clients administrative services across all HR areas. We integrate our proven track record, established delivery model and industry-leading tools and technologies to deliver a wholesome customer experience.

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  • Workforce Administration
  • Regional Payroll Outsourcing
  • Retirement Benefits Administration
  • Workforce Relations
  • Time & Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Reimbursement administration
  • HR Operations through a personalized
  • Role-based portal

We undertake a collaborative approach in delivering value to our clients. We ensure that all our HR interventions are well aligned to outcome and business objectives. Our HR professionals carry a varied range of industry experience which makes us as your essential business partner in building and sharpening your competitive edge.

HR Policy Manual
Spinebiz has extensive experience in formulating HR policies to provide guidelines for organisations to manage its human resource in a standardised fashion.

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Spinebiz has extensive experience in formulating HR administrative, compliance and systems policies which are the foundation for building an engaged workforce within the organisation. Each of the policy developed by our HR professionals will encompass various elements such as objective, applicability, policy, procedure, ownership and implementation responsibility, escalation matrix and tools and formats. We also extend handholding support for our clients towards implementation and audit.

Talent Management Systems
Spinebiz assists clients in building their talent management systems that reflects culture and gives opportunities for employees to learn and give their best on a continuous basis.

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Some of the system elements we work on are:

  • Background Verification (BGV)
  • Induction and integration
  • Performance management system
  • Learning and development / Training
  • Potential appraisal and development centres
  • 360-degree feedback survey
  • Rewards and recognitions

Managed Payroll Services
Spinebiz Managed Payroll Services is a proven end-to-end solution for an effective payroll processing. Spinebiz’s Payroll engine consists of Payroll, Taxes, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Loans and Reimbursements and Self Service. Not only will this reduce the total management cost, it will also increase employee satisfaction through enhanced flexibility, accessibility and visibility.

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Payroll Service Offerings

  • Payroll Processing
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Provident Fund
  • Employee State Insurance
  • Professional Tax / Labour Welfare Fund
  • Reimbursements Processing
  • Investments
  • Query resolution
  • Separation
  • Accounting
  • Employee Information
  • E-Leave
  • E-Claims
  • E-Tax Declaration
  • E-Flexi-benefit plan
  • E-Pay slip

Recruitment Services
Filling up a vacancy whether it’s a new or a replacement position, we realize fully well that speed and selection of the right profiles are of the essence. We use Natural Language Processing based machine learning, refine our search to find your ideal candidate. A unique feature among the recruitment agencies in India.

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Our experienced recruiters are specially trained to understand the context in which the candidate must perform; this in tandem with our unique algorithm used in the matching process ensures that we find the best matches in the quickest possible time.

Recruitment Flow:

Our credentials

Compensation Transactions processed annually

Why choose Spinebiz

Spinebiz has been successfully providing HR Outsourcing services to global clients for years. Our rich experience in the HR domain has positioned us well as a reliable HR outsourcing service provider and the default choice for our clients to solve business challenges such as:

  • Optimize HR technology investment
  • Deliver on business and budget goals
  • Raise HR capabilities to a new level
  • Build and sustain structures, frameworks, policies and practices.
  • Motivate, engage and retain talent, along with the flexibility to manoeuvre through the roughest tides of the time.

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