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Spinebiz Support Services

Legal Support Services

With our legal support services, we help organisations achieve

  • Excellent legal support
  • Streamline their processes
  • Focus on more essential matters
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of contracts
  • Save cost by reducing their legal expenses
Spinebiz Legal Support Services

What do we offer?

Contract drafting
Drafting a contract as per user defined specifications, creating templates with basic formats so that it’s handy for future use.

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  • Creation of agreement templates, letters to clients and other legal documents as per the checklists provided by clients.
  • Preparing drafts with the help of standard templates, which correspond to your house style and analyzing the drafts.
  • Developing a checklist of clauses that could be required to take care of the distinguished requirements of each agreement
  • On providing the variables and a checklist of clauses to be added or removed, we prepare a draft for review which results in a great reduction in time involved in finalizing a contract as we work in unison.
  • The client’s in-house teams have full control over the quality of the draft without having to spend time on routine tasks.

Contract review
Clarifying of contract related facts, measuring the feasibility of contract and forecast of contract risks and obligations.

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  • Reviewing key clauses of contracts in line with the checklists provided by clients.
  • Laying out the data in easy language according to User Defined Fields, for quick understanding and reference.
  • Reviewing contracts with speed and accuracy ensuring that deadlines are met with no compromise in quality.
  • Review of draft contracts obtained from other legal companies or corporate legal departments and point out clauses which are difficult or not in the best interest, don’t adhere to standard templates or in contrast with commercial understanding.

Document review
Examining and analyzing the documents and data to determine which are sensitive or otherwise relevant to the matter in hand.

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  • Review and report on key provisions of the contracts and helping with the process for approving Non-Disclosure and other agreements.
  • Reviewing the documents & determining whether they are confidential and privileged.
  • Maintaining documents in specific folders according to subject, issues & parties.

Contract abstraction
Identifying key information of a contract including relevant dates, clauses and other pertinent information.

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  • Capturing key attributes from contracts as per client requirements such as crucial dates, parties to the contract, payment terms, obligation of the parties, remedies, termination, renewal, notifications for renewal and other pertinent information from a paper contract into data, thus providing greater accessibility, continuity, and performance to the document management lifecycle.

Contract management
Management of contracts, deliverables, deadlines, contract terms and conditions throughout the contract lifecycle which covers any process that contributes, creates or utilizes data from the contracts of vendors, partners, customers and employees.

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  • Extract and summarize key contract provisions, organizing contracts, answer on-demand questions about the contract terms, and alerts on upcoming expirations or renewals.
  • Managing contracts throughout its term from drafting and beyond by creating and managing a complete database of all contracts.
  • Summarizing all obligations and covenants, to help in compliance, along with all rights, to impose compliance.

Document coding
Churning out information based on keywords and data as per requirements from the document and creating a database to enable better and quick accessibility.

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  • Document Coding helps to create the most accurate databases that are easier to navigate.
  • Objective Coding based on type of document, author, recipient, date, etc.
  • Subjective Coding based on keywords and relevant data from the document, specific to individual company requirements, in addition to the above content. so that it can be used to create the most accurate databases that are easier to navigate.
  • Full Text Capture, where an entry of all content from a hard copy or image is created to provide a fully searchable database.

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