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Mahesh Anchan

Director, TasHeel Holding Group

CEO, Spinebiz

Mahesh Anchan is the Director, Outsourcing, TasHeel Holding Group (KSA) and the CEO of Spinebiz. His strategies in project management, business development and change management have enabled VFS Global and VFS TasHeel to become trailblazers in the travel and tourism sectors across the globe.

His international experience spanning several countries has allowed him to identify key drivers of growth and develop business development strategies that work on a global scale. He was instrumental in acquiring the visa outsourcing mandate from the GCC client government worth $500 million, expanding VFS’s global operations in 13 countries in the MENA region, and establishing the Global Business Partner Network for VFS Global with $100 million business.

As he steers TasHeel Holding and Spinebiz on to the fast track, he will be developing business expansion strategies for improved global coverage and overseeing internal business operations.

Mahesh is a graduate of the Bachelor of Engineering, University of Mumbai, India, with a specialization in Production, and an alumnus of EPBM in Business Management, IIM Kolkata. He also enjoys travelling internationally to understand different cultures and the occasional hikes with his furry friends.