The Only Asset Tracking Tool Your Organization Will Need

A comprehensive asset tracking tool an organization will need to manage the entire lifecycle of IT and non-IT assets from assets inward to repair and services. 

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Asset Management Solution

Assetchek gives complete information on the ownership of both IT and non-IT assets from the moment you purchase it. We follow the ITIL / IMAC recommendations, which are based on industry best practices. Our technology can also assist you in automating the process of disposing or decommissioning both IT and non-IT assets. Make the most of your IT team by maximising resource use with AI-powered asset inventory tracking and several asset scanning modes.

About Spinebiz’s Asset Tracker

It is difficult to manually add new assets and update any changes in the old ones as your infrastructure grows. 

With Spinebiz’s Asset Tracker, you can make informed business decisions regarding your assets. Maintain a complete inventory of all your assets, over their full life cycle.

The simple tool provides for immediate productivity right out of the box. You can see all of your assets in minutes and deploy assets quickly thanks to pre-configured policies. This comprises asset acquisition and removal, as well as employee assignment.

Assetchek user-friendly interface provides you with precise information on servers, workstations, and intangible assets in real-time.

List of features


Asset Management

The application supports centralized asset management including adding and tracking assets, categories, models, and brands including third-party vendors. 

Asset Depreciation

Calculate asset depreciation for your purchased assets automatically based on the useful life of that asset category.

Asset Audit

It comes with an asset audit process to keep track of available assets and their verification status. 

Employee Management

View list of employees' access to consolidated information and the navigation to view details of each employee. Manage their IT assets effortlessly during exits or transfers.

Asset Allocation

Assets can be allocated to departments, teams or employees, all of which are to be selected from existing master lists.

Asset Return/Issue

Return, Upgrade and Damage management in a single form for all employees based on their access levels.

External Service

Manage third-party repairs with a comprehensive vendor management unit that can be accessed based on clearance.


Tracking hardware
Asset classes
Relationship management between assets
Vendor and contractor management
View history of

Why Spinebiz’s Asset Tracker?

Restful APIs

REST APIs make it simple to populate data from any language. 


Manage your assets and check reports on the go with the app that works on all mobile platforms.

Web-based, intuitive interface

There are no difficult client installations. There is no need to invest in training. Import the ready-to-use application to get started quickly.

Interactive Dashboards

Assechek comes with an interactive dashboard — your one-stop shop for analyzing and tracking all the information related to your assets as well as employees.

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