Digital Transformation Services

Our digital transformation consultants create the correct DX framework by analysing your operating models and comparing them to industry best practices. We improve customer experience by implementing the appropriate digital transformation technology.

Intelligent Automation

At Spinebiz, we assist you in developing and implementing intelligent automation solutions that meet your strategic objectives, such as streamlining operations, lowering costs, boosting business performance, and improving customer or employee satisfaction. We adopt an enterprise-wide approach to designing new learning processes around intelligent automation to succeed. As a result, our professionals integrate the best of human intellect with self-optimizing AI to solve and anticipate your most pressing business issues. By enabling the right Intelligent Automation technology that is adaptable and scalable, we create solutions that improve both customer and employee experiences uniquely.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Spinebiz can help you reshape your company’s future with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can deliver personalised customer experiences, automate internal processes, and implement solutions that will revolutionise the way customers interact with your product. We organise your data jungle, extract insights, and construct predictive algorithms as part of our services to help you enhance your business. In addition, our team of professionals implements complex and very useful algorithms that are tailored to your business model. Our data scientists and AI engineers will carefully construct algorithms based on your dataset to assist you in overcoming core obstacles and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Business Intelligence

Use Spinebiz’s business intelligence tools and services to transform your data into actionable information. We can design unique software from the ground up or modernize your existing analytics platforms using our BI services. More employees can access your data lake and use the essential information to make data-driven decisions thanks to modern analytics business solutions. BI & reporting solutions provide organizations with enhanced analysis capabilities as well as self-service options for accessing corporate data. Finally, Spinebiz’s business intelligence software solutions enable businesses to create a data warehouse and analyze a wide range of data types, including third-party, unstructured, and multi-structured data sets.


Blockchain is becoming a business focus for companies across different industries, including consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, health care, life sciences, and government. Spinebiz assists clients in exploring all aspects of blockchain and developing custom solutions that add value to a business’ offering. We assist our clients in their search for creative blockchain solutions that are market-ready and handle real-world business problems through architecture, digital design, and development. Spinebiz assists businesses and organizations in achieving a variety of blockchain-related objectives, including innovation and ideation, strategy development, prototyping, and product development.


Don’t make your customers wait for an answer. Resolve queries on-demand, around the clock, in any language, via text and voice, using an AI chatbot. With Spinebiz you can effortlessly develop conversational designed chatbot solutions,  and 70% of your customers’ queries can be self-served, with live agents seamlessly looped in as needed.  Even with limited training data, our user-friendly no-code technology understands the user’s personality, context, and mood to reply with relevant answers. With Spinebiz, you can effortlessly map user journeys and reach out to customers in a proactive manner – at the appropriate time and in the right place. The analytics dashboard provides more detailed business information and aids in the comprehension of user sentiments and query patterns, which can assist you in making critical business decisions.

IoT Development

With Spinebiz as your IoT development partner, you can make use of our extensive array of technologies, solutions, and tools to support improved strategic decision-making, operational breakthroughs, and industry-defining disruption. Embedded connectivity to edge computing and solutions to full platforms with AI-based analytics are all part of our IoT portfolio. By merging IoT apps, mobile devices, and cloud services into a hyper-connected ecosystem centered around end-users, we enable organizations to manage their operational efficiency, set up processes, and provide insight over departments.


DevOps services from Spinebiz make modern software development a delight. Our DevOps engineers employ modern tools to supplement our software development frameworks and integrate DevOps practices within teams in your organization. To swiftly get your product to market, we automate your cloud infrastructure and operations while assuring continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD). At Spinebiz, our team provides dynamic DevOps services to help you get a feature-rich product to market in less time and at a lower cost.

Back-to-work Enablers

The workplace in today’s Enterprise is going through a revolution. There are two major entities driving these changes – technology and digital transformation. These two forces are meshing together to create a new world of work. Enterprises shouldn’t ignore the opportunity for workplace modernization to be better equipped to retain their workforce and benefit from the holistic efficiency’s that technology brings to an organization. Key focus areas for Spinebiz are:

The infrastructure supporting your workplace

Desktop as a Service is a key technology offering for collaboration and boosting productivity, and something which can form the cornerstone of your workplace strategy. By virtualizing the workstation, employees get secure access to desktops, data, and applications from any location or device. This optimizes the physical office environment, creating seamless experiences for the employee to operate from any location at their convenience. 

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is pivotal in delivering reliable virtualized desktops and other hosted applications in combination with reliable and solid network connectivity. With the advancement in ICT and network connectivity solutions like high-speed IIL, MPLS, 4G, and 5G moving workspace from on-premise to virtualized workplace within the cloud create that flexibility for optimal delivery. 

Managing Security in the Modern Workplace

Security plays a very vital role in making sure no compromise happens through dynamic connectivity offerings available. Every organization must reassess their existing strategy using enterprise-grade security solutions which would help them manage the setup optimally. DaaS solutions ensure data stays in the cloud or data centre rather than on local devices. There are no off-the-shelf solutions that can help bad policy. It’s about threat analysis and putting preventive measures. As the modern workplace is not static, one needs to continually review and create an ongoing risk assessment as new policies, processes, and technologies are introduced. With these focus areas, Spinebiz provides consulting/analysis and solution/implementation services for organisations to be more future-ready and flexible without compromising on security. 

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