Enterprise Mobility

Our digital transformation consultants create the correct DX framework by analysing your operating models and comparing them to industry best practices. We improve customer experience by implementing the appropriate digital transformation technology.

Mobile App Development

We provide businesses with unique Enterprise Application Development Solutions, whether they have a 10 person team or a 10,000 person team. Our knowledge of what a market demands in a company’s work process to become a brand comes from our expertise as one of the most in-demand technology partners for enterprise application development. We provide frontline software solutions that help businesses unlock creativity and make a difference in the world of technology. Make the most of our low-risk approach and development accelerators to accelerate your digital transformation and get a competitive advantage.

UX and Usability Designs

We employ a data-driven approach to UI/UX usability at Spinebiz, which blends many sources of client feedback with our UX programs. We leverage data hierarchies, user stories, and, in certain situations, AI to analyse customer data holistically and establish the most value-driven design approach. With us, you can build scalable, contemporary, fast, and reliable user interfaces that follow best practices and industry standards. Our designers are skilled in a variety of collaboration tools, design applications, and front-end frameworks, allowing you to get your product to market sooner.

Mobile App Support And Maintenance

Spinebiz’s application support and maintenance services are designed to keep your enterprise applications up to date, dependable, and responsive to changing business requirements. For applications of various types and complexity, we provide a full variety of support and maintenance services. We handle reported issues of various complexities (from simple usage issues to application code/database flaws) under enterprise mobile application support. Our team analyses your application on a regular basis as part of our application maintenance services, looking for areas where it may be improved.

Mobile Application Testing

The Enterprise Application Testing Services from Spinebiz has a single goal: to deliver your enterprise application projects to market as quickly as possible. We can help you get to market faster by combining all we’ve learned and built through numerous projects and putting it into the form of manual and automated test scripts, test data sets, tools, and templates that are tailored to your environment. New implementation testing, worldwide rollouts, upgrades, patch releases, and continuous maintenance are all included in our testing services.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design services ensure that a website’s behaviour adapts to the screen size on which it is viewed. Spinebiz converts the functionality of your web solution into an easy, smooth-functioning, and high-converting digital experience, using our tried and tested mobile-first strategy. Our team creates mobile-friendly websites and platforms with self-explanatory usability, mobile-specific interactive features, and seamless network performance, resulting in a high mobile conversion rate.

Mobile Enablement Strategy And Consulting

For businesses, enterprise mobility gives a great opportunity to make business operations more responsive and speedy on the go. Adopt a comprehensive mobility strategy and enhance the functionality of your mobile application to provide portability and a delightful experience to your consumers. Spinebiz provides mobile enablement solutions to customers, and helps them design and deploy mobile applications quickly, reliably, and consistently, regardless of the environment. We also aid in the migration of existing apps to mobile devices and provide further support as needed.

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