QA And Testing Services

Under our QA and Testing umbrella, we offer intelligent automation, QA consulting as well as CX testing services to ensure comprehensive testing of any product that you might want to launch.

QA Consulting

Software QA consulting services from Spinebiz help eliminate QA process constraints and achieve higher QA maturity and efficiency including all kinds of testing processes. In one of the first steps of the QA process, we work with you to understand every level of development that has gone into your software product and guide you on the best practices of putting it to multiple tests. We will give detailed reports on the different use cases and scenarios that need to be tested and lay out a roadmap that will get your product to market very quickly.

CX Testing

Customer experience testing goes beyond the usability and user experience testing of websites, applications, and software. It aims to test a range of digital and physical products as well as services that span multiple online and offline points throughout the customer’s journey. With Spinebiz’s most comprehensive CX testing plans, we can ensure the success of a software’s usability. This way, you can maximise conversion by optimising every part of the customer’s conversion funnel.

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