Cloud Services

At Spinebiz, we offer a wide range of cloud services including cloud consultation, migration, managed services and architectural services. With these, you can rest assured that your business is ready to cater to the most demanding customer of tomorrow.
Our cloud services are designed to give end-to-end support to all of your cloud endeavours from native cloud applications, to on-premise to cloud data and application migration and so much more.

Cloud Advisory

Spinebiz’s cloud consulting and advisory services will help you design the perfect cloud strategy to drive innovation, improve customer experience and reduce business downtime. With us, you can rethink your business’ vision and create cloud ecosystems that further your business requirements. Whether you are looking for ideas on seamless digital transformation or building cloud-native apps or rethinking how to keep your business ready for the future, we will help you get there.

Cloud Migration

One of the first steps of digital transformation is the migration of all of your enterprise data from on-premise systems and storage and migrating them to the cloud. At Spinebiz, our team of dedicated cloud migration experts is adept at creating migration plans that execute impeccably designed migration strategies. Depending on the volume of data and applications that need to be moved, our team will complete the move without compromising on your business integrity. This means creating the right backup, connecting the necessary data points within the system, all without any downtime for your business or your customers.

Cloud Managed Services

Under Spinebiz’s cloud managed services, we provide 24*7 centralised monitoring of your cloud architecture, DB management, backup and DR management, SLA management, and capacity management. Our team of experts can also manage your cloud configuration, any cloud releases as well as cloud security. As a part of cloud support, we provide incident reporting and management services, problem management, and performance management services.

Cloud Architecture Services

Our cloud architecture services cover a comprehensive range of solutions under architectural patterns, software delivery, and operational model. Under architectural patterns, our microservices cover componentisation, enhancing business capabilities, and infrastructure automation for faster deployments of solutions. We use the DevOps model for software deployment that covers automation tools and CI/CD. Our serverless architecture operational model allows your company to scale effortlessly and without the need for constant monitoring.

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